Great Amelia sourcebook on Kindle

Hi, I'm a newbie.  Used to write in my journal a lot here but stopped.  Anyway, am an Elizabeth Peters fan.  I recent got A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia Edwards for my Kindle - $2.99.  This is a non-fiction travel book published in 1891. Amelia Edwards, novelist and Egyptologist, was a major inspiration for the Amelia Peabody book.  I love the book (A Thousand Miles up the Nile) already. You can find this book here:

Vintage Amelia Peabody paperback cover art!

Hi all!  Just made an amazing Amelia Peabody find today at the library booksale.

Behold, the 1986 Tor paperback of Mummy Case! 

The spine was so battered I almost didn't pick it up, but luckily I was just able to make out the "Peters".  Thus I am able to share the following glorious images with you all:

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All kidding aside, I think this is a blast and I was SO excited to find it.  Does anyone have any other fun vintage covers from the series?  I for one would love to see them!
Gallifrey B&W

Ficlet: Twelve Step Plan

Title: Twelve Step Plan
Fandoms: Characters from Classic Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Amelia Peabody books, all set in the Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog 'verse (familiarity with all of those not required; if you know any one of them, you should be good)
Characters: Ainley!Master (Who), Spike (Buffyverse), Sethos (Amelia Peabody)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Warnings: Unabashed silliness
Summary: A very specialized supervillain support group meets on Tuesday nights...

The 'Evil Laughs and You: Chortles, Chuckles and Guffaws' class has, of course, been a perennial favorite...

Fic ~ "Like an Exile" - Ramses/Nefret [He Shall Thunder in the Sky missing scene]

Hi, everyone! I've been a member/lurker here forever, and was really excited when I found this group because I absolutely adore the Amelia Peabody books, and this is my first post here - so I figured I'd best come bearing gifts. So I present to you a fic... :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Amelia Peabody, or any characters, places, things, or ideas therein. The aforementioned belongs to the talented Elizabeth Peters, not me. I am writing this fic for entertainment purposes only, not monetary gain of any sort.
Summary: Set during “He Shall Thunder in the Sky.” Nefret had been through some long nights in her time, but this promised to be the longest yet. Nefret/Ramses
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence
Pairings: Ramses/Nefret, Amelia/Emerson
Author’s Note: He Shall Thunder in the Sky has always been my favorite Amelia book for several reasons. I know we have the letters from collection M for Nefret’s POV, but I wanted to do a little piece about when she left early on the night of the opera and came home.  Inspiration for the title came from the amazing Ramses/Nefret fanmix created by [info]diana_hawthorne. I hope you enjoy this fic, and thank you for reading it! (Apologies for the paragraph in the middle that is italicized - LJ was being a jerk and wouldn't let me un-italicize it!)

Fic at my journal:

Fic at

I hope you enjoy! :)
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The Amelia Peabody Series - Ramses Emerson/Nefret Forth - like an exile

Medium: Book
Fandom: The Amelia Peabody Series
Subject: Ramses Emerson/Nefret Forth
Title: like an exile
Notes: This mix covers the years 1911 – 1914 and the booksThe Falcon at the Portal and He Shall Thunder in the Sky. Spoilers are included.


like an exile who has finally come home.

(I hope this is okay to post here - mods, please delete if it's not!)


Hello all! I'm pretty new to LJ, but I'm a huge Elizabeth Peters fan, and it's great to find so many people who love her books as much as I do!  I especially love the Amelia series since they're so detailed and chock full of amusing interpretations of the real historical personages I read about in my Egyptology classes. :)

And, I just picked up A River in the Sky  today, and am in total excitement to read it! Can't wait to be able to discuss it here as well. Anyone else have a copy yet? :)
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Read an Excerpt from A River in the Sky, see Release Dates, Chronology & Plot!

I come bearing a belated Christmas present!

oboe_wan and I were at Barnes and Noble this evening and we went to admire the MPM books. I am currently in the middle of reading The Laughter of Dead Kings and oboe_wan picked up the paperback to flip through it. She poked me excitedly, said she saw the name "Emerson," and then showed me a page toward the back: "Excerpt from Elizabeth Peters' new Amelia Peabody novel, A River in the Sky"

That's right - the paperback Laughter of Dead Kings has the first chapter or so (about a dozen pages) of River in the Sky! Swing by your local bookstore to sneak a peek!

In the meantime, Collapse )
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Egypt: A Picspam


I was lucky enough to travel to Egypt in 2008, and when this month’s picspammy challenge was announced, I knew I had to picspam my trip! I’ve recently discovered Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series, and that was another incentive in my decision to picspam my trip for the first time. All the quotes in the picspam are from various Amelia Peabody books, and all pictures were taken by me, so please don’t use them without crediting.

It was always at this point, and not on the crowed quay at Alexandria, that I felt I had really arrived in Egypt.
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